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Mercurio: 75 years conveying dreams and wealth

Watch our special commemorative animation and learn more about our history

Hot Splice Kit


With a new formulation the Mercúrio Hot Splice Kit it is the best splicing solution in the market.

Mercúrio SMART

Manage the lifespan of your conveyor belts in the palm of your hand.

Mission, Vision and Values


Transport wealth to build, transform and feed the planet.


Be the number one partner and leader in Latin America's conveyor belt industry.


  • Act with respect and integrity 
  • Exceed client expectations 
  • Value people and cultural diversity 
  • Quality and reliability are non-negotiable 
  • Respect the environment and all forms of life

Areas of Operation

Today, Mercúrio Conveyor Belt operates in over 40 different segments, providing quick and efficient responses that meet the demands of our customers with reliability and quality. 

Our Customers

Today, Mercúrio Conveyor Belt, as absolute leader on the market, serves the biggest consumers of conveyor belts in Brazil.


Mercúrio Conveyor Belt, división internacional de la brasileña Correias Mercúrio S.A., fue creada como otra plataforma de la expansión de la compañía en América del Sur.
(Revista Nueva Minería y Energía/ Chile - Janeiro 2016 - Download PDF)

Mercúrio mantém programa de expansão, confirma inauguração de nova fábrica em Marabá em 2016 e abre subsidiária no Chile 
(In The Mine - Novas Fronteiras: 19/11/2015)