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Vulcanizing Material

  • Easy handling
  • Excellent initial bonding
  • Clean technology
  • Vulcanizing Material, safety and reliability in your splices

The Vulcanizing Material has NEW FORMULATION, especially developed to assure best applicability and handling in vulcanizing conveyor belts, in addition to the numberless advantages of its composites.

The Vulcanizing Material is the best vulcanization solution on the market. Available either for fabric or for steel cord belts, it assures higher finishing of the hot vulcanized splices.

 Composites Benefits
 Covering Rubber (Upper and Lower) Excellent resistance to abrasion and higher quality finishing of the splices
 Bonding Rubber Higher adhesion values allowing higher safety during the splice mounting

Easier and fast application and increase of the splice service life

Proven performance in highly complex applications
 Adhesive Solution Quick drying

Adequate for handling
 Mercúrio “Green” Cleaning Solvent New formula, less aggressive to the environment, eliminating risks of application and work accidents

Low environmental impact
CFC Free

For adequate specification of the Vulcanizing Material, we count on our Application Engineering team and highly specialized Technical Assistance. Contact us!