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Who We Are and Our Commitment to Your Privacy

We are Correias Mercúrio S.A. Indústria e Comércio (“Mercurio Conveyor Belt”), a conveyor belt manufacturer, the leader in the Brazilian market, and the largest in Latin America with operations in the largest companies and groups from more than forty segments such as mining, steel, agribusiness, logistics, construction, and ports. Our mission is to bring solutions that can solve material conveying and lifting problems, offering our customers not only products, but also all the technical support they may need.

Considering that our interaction with you requires using your personal information, we ensure that we are committed to protecting your privacy. To this end, we value transparency in such a way that through this document you can learn about how your personal information is being used along with other pertinent information.

It is important that you read this document carefully and if you have any questions or if you want specific information, just contact us using the following channel: 

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What you will find in this document

In this document you will be able to find the following information about the use of your personal information:

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What information about you is used

While we respect a restricted need for information, we will need to obtain some information about you as described below so that we can make the services available to you:

  1. Contact information: When you access our website, download our materials, fill out our “Contact us” form, or participate in our in-person events, we may ask for your name, e-mail address, telephone number, and your company name and address in order to get back with you regarding your request and to keep in touch with you. 

  1. Information for a hiring process: If you want to apply for a job opening at Mercurio Conveyor Belts, in addition to your contact information, your professional and academic history will be stored to check the qualifications for the position, along with any health reports if the opening is for a person with disabilities in order to check whether there is a match in the legal concept of a disabled person.

  1. Access information: When you use our platform by interacting with our websites and services, we gather information as to the devices and apps you use. This information includes your IP address, your operating system, device type, and type of browser in order to check the website’s performance, impressions, clicks, and more.

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Why do we use your information?

Mercurio Conveyor Belts is committed to handling your information for specific and legitimate purposes, while always ensuring your right to be informed about such purposes. To do so, you will find below the purposes for which we use your information:

  • To enable us to identify or validate you: since at some point we will need to check your identity and provide you with the information you requested, we need to use your information to validate who you are.

  • Improve and develop our products and services: understand how you and your device interact with our platform in order to improve your experience and include you in our marketing promotions and actions.

  • Personalize your experience when using our services: make sure that the content is made available; understand your interests in our content, products, and services or in other content to then adapt them to your needs and preferences; and present products and sales tailored to you.

  • Legal obligation or exercise of rights: In order to respond to legal requests, prevent illegal activities, prevent fraud, as well as to defend ourselves in any judicial, arbitration, or administrative legal proceeding, it is possible that we may need to disclose information or data that we have about you. This information may be used to find the best way to respond to this request and/or activity.

  • Credit analysis: detect and prevent fraud, resolve disputes, make it possible to sign contracts, and to protect our assets.

  • To communicate with you: answer your requests or questions, provide support and important information that may be of interest to you such as new content, to promote our products and services, or to notify you of a new update on this document.

  • Advertising: when you access our website for downloading materials, to participate in our events or to fill out our contact form, for example, we use your personal information for advertising purposes, while giving the right to our subscribers to opt-out of any communication that we may send.

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Use of technology

Your information is of paramount importance for us to be able to carry out our activities and so that we can give you support adequately. Therefore, we have taken appropriate and proportionate measures to keep your information safe from loss, alteration, destruction, or leaks. 

Technology is our ally and therefore we are always up-to-date on how to use it to better serve you during your journey with us. That is why we make sure that these technologies are committed to protecting your information. 

We use reasonable market solutions for carrying out our activities related to storing and protecting your personal information from the moment we receive your information when registering and while storing the necessary information in our systems, all in order to make using our services more helpful and secure.

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Sharing your information

We may share data with affiliates and subsidiaries controlled by Mercurio Conveyor Belts, suppliers, and authorized service providers so as to maintain the security of our products and, if necessary, to protect the rights or property of Mercurio Conveyor Belts and our customers.  

Please note that some of your data is provided to us through partner companies such as when we receive information from or LinkedIn, so the privacy terms of third parties may differ from those practiced by Mercurio Conveyor Belts. If you provide personal information to any of these companies, they will be governed by their privacy policies.

Also, regarding the topic “Why do we use your information?”, we may share your data with public bodies upon request in order to comply with regulatory and/or legal requirements, or if necessary for a defense in judicial, arbitration, or administrative legal proceedings.

Cookies and similar technologies

We use cookies to improve our website’s performance and to customize your browsing experience according to what is important to you in order to make your preferences and settings provide a more enjoyable customer experience. The use of cookies by our website complies with the General Personal Data Protection Law. 

The user is responsible to install any applications that may be required to view the content available on the website and adopting the browser of his or her choice according to the HTML standard used. 

You can use the controls on your Internet browser to control the data collected by cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies. In the settings it is possible to limit how the websites you visit use cookies, and you can block them (with the exception of the absolutely necessary cookies) and remove them from your log history. In this case, be sure to change the browser settings on all your devices (tablets, smartphones, notebooks, etc.). 

We do not recommend refusing or deleting cookies, especially those that are necessary, as their absence may cause a negative impact on the usability of the website. 

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How long do we keep your information?

Your information will be kept with us for the period during which our relationship lasts so that the purposes of the customer service can be achieved. 

In addition, after our relationship comes to a close, we may maintain your information for the regular exercise of the right of defense in any judicial or administrative legal case in which using your personal information is necessary, always in compliance with the legally stipulated time limits.

Without prejudice, considering that retention periods are variable, we recommend that if you want to know in your specific case how long we can keep your information, please consult us through the contact channel with the Data Protection Officer at  

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What are your rights as the owner of your personal information?

Considering that you are the owner of your information, the applicable law ensures that you exercise certain rights as described below:

  • Confirmation of the existence of treatment

  • Access to data

  • Correction of incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated data

  • Anonymization, blocking, or deletion of unnecessary, excessive data

  • Portability of your data

  • Deletion of data processed with your consent, where applicable

  • Obtaining information about the public or private entities with which you share your data, when applicable

  • Information on the consequences of not providing consent so that it can take an assertive and guided decision on whether or not to provide such consent

  • Withdrawal of consent

  • Automated decision review

At this point, all requests will be processed free of charge and submitted to a way of validating your identity so that we can process the customer service requests only for the person who provided the information.

To exercise your rights as owner, please contact us at   

We should point out however that your request may be denied either for formal reasons such as the impossibility of proving your identity or for legal reasons such as requesting to delete data whose maintenance is a right that can be exercised by the owners of this platform, while being certain that in the event that these requests cannot be granted, all appropriate justifications will be given.

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Modifications to this Privacy Notice

If necessary, we may amend this Privacy Notice to best suit the Law and regulations issued by the competent Authority. The modifications will be identified on this page where you will be informed of the date of the most recent update. 

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Reading this document in whole or in parts should be done taking into account the definitions given below:



Personal information

Any information related to an individual, directly or indirectly, identified or identifiable.

Sensitive personal information

Special category of personal information such as racial or ethnic origin, religious conviction, political opinion, union affiliation or membership in a religious, philosophical, or political organization, information concerning health or sexual life, and genetic or biometric data relating to the individual.


Abbreviation for Internet Protocol. It is a set of numbers that identifies the computer of Internet users.


Records of the activities of the users performed on the platform.


Any operation carried out with personal information such as gathering, producing, receiving, classifying, using, accessing, reproducing, transmitting, distributing, processing, filing, storing, deleting, evaluating, or controlling the information, modification, communication, transfer, dissemination, or extraction.

Owner of the personal information

Any individual whose personal information is processed.


Any individual up to 12 years old or younger.