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Textile Conveyor Belts

The conveyor belts hold a dominant position in the transport of materials due to its numerous advantages in operating economy and safety, reliability, versatility and wide range of capacities.

Furthermore, the conveyor belts are used in several processes, in connection with its normal purpose of providing a continuous flow of materials in between operations.

Recently, the conformity with the environmental requirements encouraged the selection of conveyor belts in detriment to other means of transport.


Used in the different segments of the market, the PN and NN belts have technical features that enable their application in transport and lifting systems of small, medium and large-sized materials, according to their suitable configuration.

PN belts have carcasses with canvases consisting of polyester warp and nylon weft, and NN belts have nylon in both warp and weft.

With the use of these fibers, technically adjusted and stable fabrics are produced and treated by modern stabilization and thermosetting processes, providing the construction of carcasses with numerous advantages such as:
  • Superior adhesion between layers (covers and carcass)
  • High resistance to tension and bending
  • Proper tensioning
  • Excellent fitting
  • Remarkable dimensional stability
  • Resistant to mould
  • Resistant to rottenness
  • Excellent impact absorption capacity
  • High resistance to mechanical bonding
  • Excellent adhesion to hot/cold bonding

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