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Elevator and Fabric Covered Conveyor Belts

Elevator Belts

  • Indicated for industrial and agricultural elevators in general.
  • Available in AB, EA, TG, TGS, OAN, EAR and AT coverings.
  • Manufactured with Polyester and Nylon carcass.

In addition to several benefits that are shared with conveyor belts, they feature:
  • Resistance to jammed materials;
  • Excellent resistant against bucket plucking.

Fabric Covered Conveyor Belts PAN100 and PAN200

Fabric Covered Conveyor belts with several configurations to meet all client needs.

  • Manufactured with synthetic fabric;
  • High resistance against tension and bending;
  • More adhesion between plies;
  • Flexibility with large dimensional stability;
  • Resistant to mould and not water-absorbing;

  • Light transportation in assembly lines: boxes, packages, bags and so on
  • Grain storage and movement;
  • Cup elevators; (PAN200 ONLY)
  • Power transmission. 
*For transportation of grains with skin please contact Mercúrio’s Application Engineering