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Special Conveyor Belts

In order to meet each client needs efficiently and effectively, Mercúrio Conveyor Belt offers conveyor belts developed especially for several market segments.


Used on long-distance conveyors.
Applied on transportation of several materials, especially for Mining and Cement industries.
It delivers excellent performance due to its special construction.


It was developed to operate in tubular transporting systems. It is suited for bulk transportation and prevents dust from raising and the environment contamination.


They are widely used on bulk transportation on flat conveyors or on slopes up to 90 degrees. They provide for better space use under several configurations.
Gusseted cross-sectioning and side cleats create compartments similar to cups over the belt, which will be arranged in amount enough to meet the project’s capacity.

Rip Proof®

This is a device that is incorporated to the belt, aiming to ensure more resistance against cutting. It was created for conventional conveyors not equipped with external cutting detection devices.


Comprised by a ply made of steel cords, it has optimal resistance against corrosion, excellent adhesion to rubber, high protection against impact and cross-section cuts, more transversal and longitudinal flexibility, and low stretching. It does not require cutting sensors.