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Our History

During World War II when Brazil was facing huge shortage of products and the country’s industrialization process was just commencing, two engineers, one from the textile industry and the other from the rubber industry, saw the opportunity to unite their experiences and started to manufacture belts for power transmission. Therefore, Correias Mercúrio was founded in 1945 and it was first installed in the garage of one of its founders, manufacturing transmission belts for imported car engines that were used in the country. 

During that time the American assemblers had not standardized the dimensions of their belts, making it necessary to produce one type of belt for each car model.

It was this way producing customized belts for each customer that the name Correias Mercúrio became a synonym of quality.

Time passed and the small garage company transformed into a complete industry, with a staff of over 500 workers and facilities that presently occupy over 27,000m² in the city of Jundiaí, São Paulo state.
With a sustainable and bold investment policy that increased its productive capacity, Correias Mercúrio consolidated its presence in the Brazilian market and became the largest conveyor belt factory in Brazil and the largest manufacturer of steel cable belts in South America.

Today, the Correias Mercúrio brand appears in a great number of products, from the most basic conveyor belt to the most complex and modern conveyor and load lifting belts. And despite all this growth, something remains unchanged: each belt is designed and manufactured always in compliance with the specific needs of the customer, as if it was unique. 

This commitment with its customers and quality is what makes Correias Mercúrio much more than just a simple belt manufacturer, making it a true industry of solutions able to solve problems related to power transmission, transport and material lifting. An industry that grows daily offering not only products but also technical support, seeking the best solution, and always in close partnership with its customers.

This is why today Correias Mercúrio is a synonym of tradition and quality. 

Mercurio Conveyor Belt: Reference in Conveyor Belts.

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