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A high technician team focused on developing the most diverse services and solutions to meet your needs:


It is applied on belts with steel cord carcass with the purpose to carry on predictive maintenance by assessing the cable and splicing integrity, through loss of metallic section and/or defects found.


It assesses the conveyor belt performance through the measurement of covers thickness.

Thermo-graphic Analysis

It is carried out to detect and diagnose high temperatures on transported materials on the conveyor belt and their suitability to the application.

Applied training: Belts and Vulcanization

They have the goal to provide training and knowledge improvement for the participant on inspection, application and manufacturing of conveyor belts and vulcanization.

Conveyor Belt Specification

It assesses the particularities of each application, and specifies the most suitable conveyor belt for a project on cost effectiveness terms.

Project Analysis

It assesses new and existing projects, always pursuing the identification the most suitable conveyor belts for a project on cost effectiveness terms.

Application Engineering

  • Conveyor and belt technical analysis to find/solve presented issues.
  • Belt performance tracking for new or existing projects, presenting a diagnosis to extend its shelf life.
  • Optimize inventory by reduction/standardization of items.
  • Innovative solutions for several applications in all market segments.

Surveying/ Mapping

Surveying of equipment technical and dimensional data for ad-hoc adjustments and the possibility of conveyor belt standardization.

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