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Mercúrio Integrated Management System

SGQ – Quality Management System

Mercúrio Conveyor Belt has its own Quality Management System based on standard ISO 9001:2015, recognized nationally and internationally.

In view of the market competitiveness, it is necessary to develop differentials to attract new customers and keep them satisfied and loyal.

It is necessary to provide the CONFIDENCE that offered products and services fully comply with the needs and requirements of each customer. The certification in standard ISO 9001:2015 is directly related to this CONFIDENCE.

*Note: SGQ is based on standards of the ISO 9000 family, TS 16949 and on the National quality Award (PNQ) criteria.

SGA – Environmental Management System 

The concern and respect for environmental issues and future generations are directly connected to the company’s philosophy that completely and constantly monitors its activities in order to highly reduce any negative impact on the environment.

The quest for continuous improvement of processes through the development and application of new technologies and practices for environmental equilibrium and preservation are permanent activities of the company.

The company has a vast area of Atlantic forest in the countryside of São Paulo fully preserved with the aim of ensuring the biodiversity of the region.

Different programs, trainings and campaigns on the subject and recycling projects with the use of industrial wastes are developed internally since Mercúrio Conveyor Belt understands that environmental commitment should involve everyone.

*Note: SGA is based on standards of the ISO 14000 family and on Municipal, State and Federal laws.

SGH – Human Management System

Occupational Health and Safety
Mercúrio Conveyor Belt is committed to protecting the health and safety of its workers, customers and communities where it is installed. Being a global and socially responsible and conscientious corporate citizen, it conducts it businesses according to the highest legal and ethical standards and strives to contribute to economic development and environmental protection.

Social Responsibility
The ethical conduct and social commitment makes Mercúrio Conveyor Belt a company respected by its worker and partners and recognized by the market as an organization that maintains a strong position with social responsibility.

Annually, we invest in social responsibility projects with focus on self-sustainability of assisted communities and entities in Brazil. We conduct the business of the company, becoming a partner and being co-responsible for the social development, which includes concerns with all publics:

stakeholders, workers, service providers, suppliers, consumers, the community, government and environment.

*Note: SGH is based on standards of the OHSAS 18000 family and ISO 26000.

Mercúrio Conveyor Belt Code of Conduct and Ethics