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Stay tuned to all actions and projects Mercúrio has been developing during these years in order to be sustainable on its operations. Attending requirements
Our concern in being a sustainable company begins with complying with all legal requirements from the Federal, State and Municipal scopes. As well as attending international requirements.

Selective collect
In 2014, we deployed waste selective collection; where actions such as: deployment of specific collectors for each kind of material (e.g.: plastic, metal, paper, etc.) up to the training of employees for properly sorting waste; were executed. Currently, the waste is sorted and correctly forwarded.

Implementation of industrial scrap generated on the productive process control, aiming to reduce them.
Around three years ago, Mercúrio adopted a rigorous waste generation control on the several production phases. Therefore, with this initiative, there has been a considerable reduction of industrial scrap generation; thanks to actions such as: change in specification toleration of the manufactured products (more rigorous); adjustment in manufacturing equipment in order to reduce waste during the process, etc.

Recycling of industrial scraps (remains of conveyor belts and rubber burrs)
One of the ongoing projects refers to the reusing conveyor belts remains and rubber burrs (industrial scraps) from productive processes; because, even with the significant reduction of scraps, they are still generated, which is inherent to the processes. Thus, Mercúrio, in a partnership with a company expert with rubber industrial scrap recycling (e.g.: waste tires, rubber burrs, rubber products scrap, etc.), has been developing since 2012 the transformation of these scraps in raw material, for they can be reused on the production chain of rubber products. Process used on the transformation of industrial scrap in raw material is called LTC Pyrolysis (Low Temperature Combustion Pyrolysis) one of the materials generated by this process is Green Lampblack, which can be totally or partially used to replace Standard Lampblack.

Control of dangerous products
Since 2013, we started a rigorous control on the use of dangerous chemical products. Currently we reduced around 40% of the consumption of these products in our productive process. Currently there is a daily and permanent monitoring process of these materials.

Waste disposal
The waste generated on the manufacturing process is properly sorted, identified, stored and disposed of, according to requirements of the current legislation. This activity is constantly monitored by the several responsible departments of the company, aiming for full compliance of the legal requirements.