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The concern and respect for environmental issues and future generations are directly connected to the company’s philosophy that completely and constantly monitors its activities.

Mercúrio Conveyor Belt understands that environmental commitment should involve everyone; therefore, it has internal programs, trainings and campaigns focused on the sustainability of operations.

The Mercúrio Environmental Responsibility (RAM) was created within this philosophy, and it is an internal program created with the objective of creating environmental awareness and education in the entire company. The program is conducted by a group of multidisciplinary workers that execute activities for the development of sustainable practices.

The areas of operation of RAM are: selective collection, suitable destination of wastes, reduction of input consumption, reuse, recycling, saving of natural resources, among others.

Furthermore, Mercúrio keeps a vast area of Atlantic Forest fully preserved in the countryside of São Paulo, with 2,000 hectares of native vegetation, with the purpose of ensuring the biodiversity of the region.