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Mercúrio Aramid Conveyor Belt

  • Exclusive manufacturer in Brazil
  • Solutions for extreme applications
Once again, Mercúrio Conveyor Belt innovates and presents the Mercúrio Aramid Conveyor Belt with exclusivity for manufacturing in Brazil.

Composed of single aramid canvas, a fiber five times stronger and five times lighter than steel, Mercúrio Aramid Conveyor Belt has unique tensile and weight resistance properties and thus there is a higher variety of applications and achieves broader range of conveyor belt replacement on the market, considering that it can also replace steel cord conveyor belts in some application as it has low elongation.

With characteristics of high resistance and flexibility, Mercúrio Aramid Conveyor Belt is indicated for severe applications, demonstrating excellent efficiency against tear and rupture and high impact absorption.

Very economic, Mercúrio Aramid Conveyor Belt is lighter compared to other types of conveyor belts; it can be up to 30% lighter thus allowing lower energy consumption.

Indudtry Application (with adequate covering*) Benefits
Mining Indicated for transport of material at medium and long distance, which require high tensile strength. Severe applications, which have to absorb impacts Energy reduction

Better efficiency in critical operations
Steelmaking and Ports Blast furnace belt – where use of conventional belts is not recommended due to the high temperature
Long distance belts, which require high tensile strength
Belt service life increase

Energy reduction
Paper and Cellulose Log conveyor belt, excellent resistance to tear and impact absorption Belt service life increase
Fertilizers Reaction belt – excellent resistance to chemical reaction Belt service life increase
Cement Plants, Calcinations and Quarries Excellent in impact absorption and resistance to tear Belt service life increase
For adequate specification of the Mercúrio Aramid Conveyor Belt, we count on our Application Engineering team and highly specialized Technical Assistance. Contact us!


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