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Textile Tubular Conveyor Belt

  • Excellent closing
  • Tubes with diameter up to 650 mm
  • With adequate covering, it has higher resistance to temperature (200°C)
Mercúrio Textile Tubular Belt is a conveyor belt with special construction with tubular design, which provides higher transversal flexibility, increasing the number of cycles and the service life of the belt and enables curve-shaped transport of bulk material, such as iron ore, copper, coal, cement, paper and cellulose, fertilizers, etc.

As it transports the material enclosed, Mercúrio Textile Tubular Belt protects it from the weather conditions (rain, wind action, etc.), in addition to preserving the environment from possible contamination and dispersion.

The use of Mercúrio Textile Tubular Belt eliminates intermediary material transfer points; keeps the whole area along the conveyor clean (mainly on the return side); enables simultaneous transport of materials (load and return side), in addition to allowing transport in structures where most conventional belt are not adequate. It has high resistance to temperature, flexibility and operational safety, because it does not permit involuntary contact of the user with the transported material.

 Industry Application
Cement Plants
It operates in the reduction of dust in the new projects
Paper and Cellulose Its main attractive is the protection, which provides to the transported material
Thermal Eletronic Plant It operates in the protection for transport of coal and reduces the dispersion of dust to the environment
For adequate specification of the Mercúrio Tubular Textile Belt, we count on our Application Engineering team and highly specialized Technical Assistance. Contact us!

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