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The New Conveyor Belt MercoRip Mercúrio is a composed solution with a new coating with better resistance to rupture and impacts and excellent abrasion resistance, being the best answer for extreme applications.

The News Conveyor Belt MercoRip Mercúrio was especially developed to enhance the belts' life cycle in applications with high impact condiitons, reducing the cost per conveyed ton by minimizing non-scheduled shut-offs, thus increasing the equipment's uptime.

Its exclusive formulation grants MercoRip the highest efficiency in severe situations, as well as the best abrasion resistance for these types of operation - 120mm³.

In order to maximize its performance, the MercoRip Belt can be combined with Mercúrio accessories:
  • Aramid Carcass
  • Textile Carcass - NN (Nylon/Nylon) and PN (Polyester/Nylon)
  • Protection System accessories - Rip Roof, Rip Stop and Dampers

The exclusive characteristics' combination of tear resistance, rupture and impact resistance, and abrasion resistance make the New Conveyor Belt MercoRip Mercúrio the ultimate solution in the market for extreme applications.

Hight tear and impact resistance   High abrasion resistance
 High rupture resistance  High resilience

For the proper specification of the conveyor belt and its coating, we have out highly specialized Application Egineering and Technical Assistance teams. Contact us!

Mercúrio Conveyor Belt: Reliability in belts for extreme applications

Conveyor Belt MercoRip
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