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Distribution Center

Mercúrio's New Distribution Center

Correias Mercúrio, known for their high quality conveyor belts, has inaugurated the new Mercúrio Distribution Center on March 1st, 2016.

Strategic Localization

Located at the FazGran Industrial District in Jundiaí (São Paulo, Brazil), less than 5 km from the most important highways of the São Paulo State, Mercúrio's new DC has the objective to facilitate and expedite the transportation of conveyor belts to the entire country.

Logistics Excellence

With an approximate area of 10,000 m², Mercúrio's new Distribution Center has been structured with the most advanced inventory management system and has the capacity of handling more than 7 thousand trucks per year. The handling of belts, which is completely automated, allows the collection process to be executed within an average time of 15 minutes.

Brazil's major light conveyor belt inventory

Aiming to expand our inventory capacity, Mercúrio's new DC currently has the biggest light belt inventory in Brazil and has the most complete portfolio of conveyor belts of the market.

Cut, seams and perforations

While Correias Mercúrio is aiming to intensify the service for small consumers, it also has a highly qualified team to execute cutting of belts, which enables selling of smaller belts to several industries, besides executing seaming and perforations for a number of application.

Sale directly from the factory

Always aiming to be closer to the market, Correias Mercúrio has a team of employees responsible for directly attending its customers and partners with the excellence already known in the market. Correias Mercúrio, tradition and quality in conveyor belts ever close to you!