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Largest conveyor belt manufacturer in Latin America and absolute leader in Brazil

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We have innovated and created intelligent solutions tailored to our customers since 1945.

Our pillars are quality, tradition, and reliability and we have been producing high-standard, high-performance conveyor belts for over 75 years.

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Jundiaí: since 1945.
Marabá: first conveyor belt plant in northern Brazil.


The largest conveyor belt inventory with prompt delivery in Brazil: speed and agility in order shipment.


Chile | Peru | México

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Marabá - PA


Jundiaí - SP



Transport wealth to build, transform, and feed the planet.
Be the preferred partner and leader in conveyor belts in Latin America.
  • Work with respect and integrity;
  • Exceed customer expectations;
  • Value people and cultural diversity;
  • Quality and reliability are non-negotiable;
  • Respect the environment and life.
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We innovate and create smart solutions tailored to you.

With two modern and well-equipped laboratories located in our plants, we can carry out a wide range of analyses on raw material and finished products.

Our highly specialized team innovates in the areas of research and in developing customized products and providing after-sales support, ensuring the lowest cost per ton transported to our customers.

We are also certified by ASTM, ASAE, DIN, ARPM, and ISO that ensure the high performance and quality of our belts.

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Respect the environment and life.

The preservation of the environment is essential to sustain all forms of life and all types of business. That is why we protect with more than 3,500 hectares of the Atlantic Forest located along the coast of the state of São Paulo. And to ensure biodiversity and conserve endangered species, we head up reforestation projects of native biomes in the region with a focus on the Jussara palm. The proximity to the local fauna and flora reinforces our daily commitment to being guardians of the ecosystem.

Ethics and integrity are part of our values.

Our story has been built on transparency, integrity, professionalism, and constant evolution. Maintaining and honoring these principles means being in tune with dialog and transformation.

Cases of non-compliance with our Code of Ethics and Conduct should be reported using our Complaints Channel website or by phone: 0800 580 3218.