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Success case: a new specification generates an increase of over 33% in the belt’s life


Mercurio Technical Details
Expert answers: how the lack of planning can cause severe downtimes to the operation
When not planned, the downtimes can cause large losses to companies. Check out the importance of scheduling them!
#Mercurio: our commitment with the environment and rubber waste
Through a joint initiative between the areas of Procurement and Quality & Environmental Management, we were able to identify sustainable solutions in the market for disposing our rubber scraps.
Success Cases
Success case: less downtime!
Offering customized, efficient, and tailored products to solve the most critical problems of our customers is one of the challenges that drives the Mercurio team in its pursuit of a constant evolution. Check out this success case and see how we do this with excellence!
Success Cases
Success case: a solution 8x more durable for a large cement company in Sergipe
In 2007, one of the units of the largest cement company in Brazil, which is located in the state of Sergipe, suffered from recurrent downtimes in its operation caused by problems on the conveyor belt supplied by another manufacturer. Find out how we solved their problem!
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#Mercurio: investment in the Marabá Unit
We made the second largest investment in our history. What is the importance of this step to the company? Take a look at this interview with Mercurio's CEO, Leonardo Sales.
Mercurio Technical Details
Expert answers: what do you do if the conveyor belt gets out of alignment when passing through the pulleys?
Conveyor belt misalignment can occur when handling bulk material in the conveyor system and cause damage to the edges of the conveyor belt, decreasing its service life, damaging the frame, and causing material spillage, raising cleaning costs, for example.

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