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Sustainability: refurbishing used conveyor belts


This is a key to a more sustainable, economical, and highly efficient industrial process.

In this post we are going to explore the universe of refurbishing this type of equipment, a practice that is redefining how the industry operates.

We will also reveal how the expansion of the Mercurio Marabá Unit, a Mercurio Conveyor Belt project, is intensifying this movement. Get ready for powerful insights and discover how your business can benefit from these processes. Ready to go?

Sustainability and efficiency

Conveyor belts play a crucial role in the industry, making it easier to move and transport solid bulk at high volumes. However, promoting sustainability across all operations has become a priority for many industries, and the efficient use of conveyor belts is part of this mission.

Sustainability in the industry is implemented by reducing the consumption of resources, reducing waste, and by promoting eco-efficient practices and solutions.

More specifically, efficiency in conveyor belts is achieved by extending their service life and by minimizing wear. When there is optimal care and maintenance with the conveyor belts, the operating efficiency is significantly increased.

Considering this, the use of used conveyor belts signals a shift toward a more sustainable industrial practice.

This is because refurbishing used conveyor belts contributes to the reuse of important resources while being in line with the goal of achieving a greater degree of sustainability and efficiency within the industry.

The refurbishing process

The refurbishing of a used conveyor belt is a practice that involves several steps to ensure that the belt maintains the same quality, safety, and efficiency as a new product.

Thus, the starting point is the careful selection of used belts that are eligible for refurbishing. They initially undergo a thorough inspection to ensure they are free of defects that may affect their performance or safety later on.

After selection, a deep cleaning process begins to remove any debris or impurity. The belt then goes through a repair procedure where worn areas are restored followed by rigorous testing to confirm their structural integrity and operational capacity.

After the refurbishing process, we have a practically new conveyor belt, ready to be used.

This process is efficient both from an economic perspective by extending the belt’s service life and from an environmental perspective by reducing the need for new resources and minimizing waste since the entire belt is not discarded.

How the refurbishing of a conveyor belt contributes to sustainability

The benefits of refurbishing a used conveyor belt are significant and multidimensional, ranging from cost savings to minimizing the carbon footprint.

Saving of resources

By refurbishing a worn belt, we avoid manufacturing a new one, which results in a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

After all, producing a new conveyor belts is a process that still consumes energy and resources, while the refurbishing takes advantage of existing resources, thus reducing dependence on new raw materials.

Quality assurance

Refurbishing also still ensures high quality of the conveyor belts. This is because they go through the same equipment as the new ones during the refurbishing process, ensuring the excellent quality of rubber compounds and a high standard adhesion.

Conscious waste management

Another noteworthy benefit is environmentally conscious waste management. Our production waste is treated with care and all waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner under strict supervision of regulatory environmental bodies.

In this way, commitment to proper waste management underlines our dedication to sustainability and respect for the environment.

How does the expansion of the Mercurio Marabá Unit favor the refurbishing of used conveyor belts?

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The expansion of the Mercurio Marabá Unit marked a significant advance for us at Mercurio Conveyor Belt, increasing our ability to perform conveyor belt refurbishing services efficiently and effectively.

This increase in capacity came with the acquisition of more space to house new equipment and essential accommodation such as an expanded rubber shop and a specialized industrial shed.

These expanded facilities streamline the refurbishing processes and make it possible for us to submit our belts to a more stringent inspection, repair, and testing system.

So since day one we have understood that quality and proper infrastructure are crucial to providing exceptional services to our partners.

That is why we invested heavily in modern equipment and specialized workspaces.

All tests, whether in the initial evaluation phase of the conveyor belt candidates for refurbishing or in the final tests after the refurbishing, are carried out in our modern and well-equipped laboratories at the Marabá Unit.

These tests are carried out under the strict supervision of our experts who only give their approval on belts that meet the highest standards of quality and performance for use after refurbishing.

Have an even more sustainable operation by choosing to refurbish used conveyor belts

Aiming for strong continuity in the conveyor belt industry, we will continue to invest in cutting-edge technology and dedicated infrastructure to maintain excellence in the services to refurbish used conveyor belts with the same dedication and quality applied to the new belts we offer.

Our commitment to quality combined with our sustainable practices guides our search for innovative solutions that deliver real value to our customers.

Mercurio Conveyor Belt prides itself in being recognized for its ability to respond effectively to market demands with high quality products and services. 

We ensure that our refurbishing processes bring new life to used conveyor belts so that our partners can operate with improved efficiency and sustainability.

We invite you to discover how conveyor belt refurbishing can benefit your business in practical and cost-effective ways.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you operate in a more sustainable, productive, and cost-effective way without compromising quality and efficiency!