Sustainability: refurbishing used conveyor belts

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This is a key to a more sustainable, economical, and highly efficient industrial process. In this post we are going to explore the universe of refurbishing this type of equipment, a practice that is redefining how the industry operates. We will also reveal how the expansion of the Mercurio Marabá Unit, a Mercurio Conveyor Belt […]

Understand the features and costs of a Long-Distance Conveyor Belt

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Conveyor belts are essential pieces of equipment in the production system of various industrial sectors, especially in mining. But do you know what a Long-Distance Conveyor Belt is? This equipment is the best choice when you need to transport ores over long distances without this process becoming too costly. Continue reading and learn all about […]

Conveyor Belt Splice: Learn about its function and importance

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Conveyor belts are present in several segments and have a very important mission: to transport various types of materials and help move the world economy. These devices help move production while offering savings per unit transported, safety, efficiency, agility in tasks, and operational reliability. In order for this to be reached, procedures such as splices […]

Get to know the types of conveyor belts and their purpose

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Those who work in different segments of the industry know that there are several types of conveyor belts and that they are extremely important pieces of equipment to improve the transportation process of various materials and ensure a smooth operation. After all, conveyor belts are components that are designed to move products more safely and […]

The importance of mining for global development


Have you ever stopped to consider the importance of mining for humanity?  Mining is one of the most important activities for the economic and industrial development of many countries. It consists of the extraction of ores, which are substances found in the earth’s crust that are used for producing various goods and products. The mining […]

Conveyor System: Get to know about its purpose and advantage for the company

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Do you know what a conveyor system is? This is a mechanical equipment used to move materials across short or long distances in a continuous processing system. It is effective, safe, and economical, ideal for a variety of industrial and material handling applications such as mining, steel, construction, agribusiness, and fertilizers. Due to its importance […]

How did conveyor belts come about?

História das Correias Transportadoras | Como surgiram as Correias Transportadoras

That conveyor belts are among the most used items in different sectors of industry, they are extremely safe and responsible for increasing the productivity of companies, many people already know. What almost no one has any idea of ​​is how, when and where belts came into being. The record of the first conveyor belts takes […]

Mercurio Conveyor Belt Expansion: an investment of R$ 80 million in the Marabá Unit

Correias Mercúrio | Unidade Marabá

Founded in 1945, Mercurio Conveyor Belt is the leader in the Brazilian market and the largest manufacturer of conveyor belts in Latin America. Headquartered in Jundiaí (SP), it also has a plant in Marabá (PA), a Distribution Center in Jundiaí, and sales offices in Chile, Peru, and Mexico. It operates in more than 40 distinct […]

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