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Metal Pallets: Anglo American and Mercurio Conveyor Belt develop a sustainable project for reusing material

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Investing in cleaner, more sustainable processes that preserve the environment is a daily challenge facing the global industry.

Mercurio has recently developed a project to reuse metal pallets in partnership with Anglo American, one of the most important mining companies in the world.

The Metal Pallets

These are means of packaging used with conveyor belts to provide better protection on the trucks and to increase safety during transportation.

They also ensure a better organization of the belt conveyors in stock and reduce the risk of damage while moving them before they are put in their place of use.

The objective of the project is to avoid disposing raw materials such as iron and steel used to make them.

How to reuse them

For these packaging devices to be reused, the circular process begins with Mercurio supplying its conveyor belts on metal pallets to  Anglo American.

After the conveyor belts have been removed, the mining company sells them to its supplier and then FPL​ analyzes the material received and makes repairs when necessary, leaving them in good condition again for reuse.

In the end, Mercurio repurchases the refurbished packaging and re-uses it for transporting new conveyor belts.

After the conveyor belts are removed, the mining company sells them to its supplier and the FPL analyzes the material received and carries out repairs, when necessary, leaving them in good condition again to be reused.

At the end, Mercúrio reacquires the reformed packging and reuses it for the transport of new conveyor belts.

Innovation and sustainability

“This reutilization project is one of the initiatives of the Sustainable Mining Plan, which aims to make the entire process safer, sustainable, and efficient. It is a joint effort between Mercurio and Anglo American that represents the industry’s concern to seek sustainable solutions for our day-to-day operations,” says Marco Túlio Viana, an Account Manager at Mercurio.

Respect for the environment and life is one of Mercurio’s values.

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