Unscheduled downtimes of Conveyor Belts can cause damages that go beyond financial—understand why

The unscheduled downtimes of a production conveyor system are critical to the best performance of the entire operation, avoiding unexpected breaks in the conveyor belts, losses, and above all to increase the safety of all employees.

Damages from unscheduled downtimes for conveyor belts

When not planned, the downtimes can cause large losses to companies.

“An unexpected belt breaking may in some cases represent up to 11 tons of material that is no longer transported by the customer every hour. We are talking about a loss that can easily reach the level of millions of reais,” says David Souza an Account Manager at Mercurio.

Mercurio specialized technical assistance

In addition to in-person technical visits, Mercurio offers the Mercurio Smart tool, which is available on the Mercurio App. It allows tracking the performance of the entire belt inventory, the history of changing them, alerts for upcoming replacements, among other services in a clear and objective way.

Avoid serious damages and risks in your operations. Always count on the support of our team.

Mercurio offers all the conditions to meet the needs of its customers with agility and safety.

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