Renato Laredo, Mercurio’s Quality Coordinator, talks about the importance and responsibility of strengthening the team

Renato Laredo 3

In Mercurio since 1988, Renato Laredo, Quality Assurance & Technology Coordinator, represents very well some of our values such as commitment, companionship, and professionalism.

Get to know a little more about his career path in this interview.

What is your story at Mercurio?

I joined Mercurio Conveyor Belt in May 1988 when I was given an internship opportunity in the company.

I was hired at the end of this period of experience, and the world of rubber definitely became part of my DNA!

Since then I have not been able to let it go. Thirty-three years have gone by and I have been able to see and participate in major changes and many achievements such as the ISO9001 certification in 2005.

I became the Quality Assurance & Technology Coordinator in 2012 and was able to participate in opening the Marabá Unit in its several phases.

I consider the transfer to Pará in the beginning of 2018 my biggest challenge because it took me 3 years to bring together and strengthen the Quality Assurance team.​

What do we represent to you?

The company represents my life because while working here I managed to finish college, I bought my first apartment, and my first car. I also got married, I had my 2 children, I’ve done graduate studies, and I continue to learn every day because Mercurio is very concerned about the professional evolution of its entire team.​

What is your favorite part about working at Mercurio?

What I like most about my work is the interaction with all these people who work in or for the company, because they are professionals who are always willing to contribute to the processes and are committed to the entire team learning. As a team coordinator, this is essential for my development.

Another special aspect is the constant demand for innovation, which makes us always keeping an eye out for the new and because of that grow a lot professionally.​

How do you see Mercurio in the coming years?​

I see the company winning over new markets, expanding its portfolio of products and services, and with this being even more internationally recognized.

To do this, the company can count on my full dedication, commitment, and resilience, as I consider myself part of this story.​