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Sustainability in manufacturing Conveyor Belts: using plant oils makes Mercurio Conveyor Belt a sustainable pioneer in the industry


Investing in clean technologies is one of our great concerns, so we are always aligned with our values that preach respect for the environment and life in all our belt production processes.

Sustainable initiatives in conveyor belts

Since 2015 we have replaced in our products with a synthetic petroleum-based oil for a soybean-derivative oil that is renewable and much less harmful to nature.

The development of technologies that make it possible to use plant oil in Mercurio Conveyor Belt’s portfolio is the result of studies of oil compatibility with the other chemical elements that are carried out by our Research & Development Department.

With the use of this technology, there has been an increase in productivity, better performance, and very low or zero generation of toxic elements in the decomposition,” points out Renato Laredo, Mercurio’s Quality Assurance & Technology Coordinator.

We understand the future of Mercurio Conveyor Belt as the development of society itself because we are very much a part of it, so we are committed to its sustainable growth through the manufacture of belts that feed the planet while respecting the environment and life.